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Have a look on these valuable features


ZeyMal Software is manageable and easy to use. No need of any knowledge.

Fully Customizable

Our Software is built according to the user preference or personal specifications. It helps an individual to generate custom reports and he or she can add admission fields according to their usage as well.

Cross platform supportive

Amongst whichever Softwares Institutions use while generating reports, some of them are MAC, Windows, Linux etc.

Comprehensive and multi printer supportive reports

Reports in different sections are designed with the help of different Printers as per the requirements and modules. E.g; Institutions have Normal Printer, Dot-matrix Printer, Thermal Printer etc.

Customizable access control

This particular feature is role-based. As per the role given to an individual, he or she can access to different modules or sections.

Effective way of Communication

Our software is offering an effective communicational channel that helps the institution to contact parents and staff easily.

Keen supervision

Our software has an eye on everything related to day to day activities be it, login, logout, tracking etc.

Reasonably priced

Software with affordable pricing. Here you'll find everything in one solution without compromising over quality.

Time saving

It's very time effective solution for Teachers and Administrators to work with ZeyMal ERP. It saves a lot of time for various activities.