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Google Meet Integration

Meet, the online meeting tool from Google is a simple and easy tool to schedule and attend meetings online. With the integration, now create meetings within the collaboration module Fedena and let students join the meetings with ease. Google Meet Offers:

  • Students can join the classes from Google Meet App
  • Meeting link will be available in the Google Calendar app as well as Google Meet app
  • Enable Live Captioning during online classes or meetings
  • To make lectures engaging, teachers can interact with students via live messaging

Zoom Integration

Zoom cloud based platform which offers HD audio and video-enabled live classes with up to 100 participants at the most affordable cost, which make it an ideal companion to take your offline learning online. ZeyMal Zoom Integration allows:

  • Single Sign On Zoom from Fedena, with no app installation.
  • Instructor can schedule the upcoming classes and manage the previous recordings.
  • Students can join the classes from their Fedena student portal via Mobile App and Web.
  • Schedule online classes class group wise.
  • Get an instant alert on upcoming classes.
  • Students can simply join the class with their default enrolment code and name.
About Images