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Governments and organizations all around the world are choosing biometric technology to combat identity fraud and security breaches, secure confidential data, reduce costs and to improve overall user experience. Biometrics is one of the rapidly growing fields in the information technology sector with fingerprint recognition expected to remain the most dominant form of biometric technology. The global biometrics market is growing at an exponential rate and is forecasted to reach $23.54 billion by 2020.

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Walk Through Attendance Gate is a RFID based automatic school attendance system offering a complete Student Attendance monitoring solution. Students carry an RFID Card with them during the school day. The card is presented to the RFID reader upon either entering or leaving the school premises. The RFID reader is located in a walk-through gate. As soon as the card is presented, the reader is able to identify the student, their exact location and the time. The student's parents are then immediately informed that they have arrived on or have left the school premises by means of a real-time automatic SMS. The message may take the format of, “Mum/Dad, I've arrived at/have left school”.

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Digital signage can be used to leverage upsells and impulse purchases at point of sale by displaying important marketing messages associated with a specific product or service. Signage can often be used to persuade customers into making a purchase decision through direct advertising or offering in-store discounts. Integration with back end systems can help with stock control by pushing certain SKU’s where there is a surplus for meeting in-store sales targets.

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Rationaltabs facial recognition tool, provides preprocessing capabilities and analyzes faces to convert images, both high and poor-quality, into suitable probe images for searching.compare your images against gallery, which currently houses over images. Start developing leads and solving more cases with facesearch.

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Smart cards are a type of chip card which contain embedded computer chip which can be either memory or microprocessor type. They store and transact data, on these cards Information is digitized and encrypted. Smart Cards are used in numerous industries all over the world. This is one of the most secured modes of payment in current date. Few forms of smart cards are SIM cards, chip-based ID cards, debit cards, credit cards etc.With smart card attendance system organizations are able to keep track of their employees or students easily. Because of this system the work of organizations have lessen and is easily maintained. This system consumes less time and requires less maintenance .

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LED Scroller also known as scrolling LED display is a LED strip that show information in form of text most of the time. LED Scroller is used to show some kind of live data for e.g. stock market data, news headlines, RSS feeds, brief messages etc. The purpose of LED Scroller is to show crisp information; LED Scroller are also used to show public safety messages at various transport points. To show bank rates, currency rates, gold rates, interest rates at banks. To show the live streaming headlines LED Scroller can be used, it can also be used to engage the viewer with twitter feeds. The content running on LED Scroller is mostly in motion. XM LED Scroller is made up of true color LED modules. LED Scroller also incorporates some attractive animation to showcase impactful messages. For e.g. XM stock ticket at Bombay Stock Exchange is horizontal 25 ft long LED Scroller. There are various symbols used such as up arrow, down arrow. With XM stock exchange software, this ticker shows rising stock rates in green color & it uses red color for the stocks which is losing its value. The similar kind of solution is used in National Stock Exchange’s vertical 2 stock tickers.

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Introducing RFID (RADIO FREQUENCY INDETIFICATION) technology means to enhance work efficiency, increased revenue, reduce work load and provide sound monitoring and security system to your business. Adopting RFID technology reduces work load and ensures correct monitoring. Hence it used widely for assets trekking, access control, secured payment system, inventory control for manufacturing units, etc. RFID has brought significant revolution in fields where logistic, security and goods trekking is important part and need close and correct monitoring or data feeding.

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RFID labels or RFID tags are also possible for use in your warehouse and goods monitoring systems within all industrial branches. We can also provide you with RFID transponders, which can easily be integrated into pre-existing goods management systems. These labels are designed for use with standard RFID readers and are stocked in a variety of inlay types and sizes. They are available in paper and synthetic materials that work on non-metallic surfaces, plastics or corrugate.


RationalTabs GPS tracking solution is a very efficient position tracking system generally known as GPS (global positioning system).This solution has been beneficial to many areas of work where a system calculates position from signals sent by a network of satellites. This system was initially designed for the operation of US military gradually this technology became available for civil users where they are allowed to use the standard positioning service without any kind of charge or limitations. This technology helps us to track the exact location of anything.

Flap Barrier Integration

Along with the infinite benefits of technology we have seen that security systems keep upgrading in order to bring more relief in our lives. Our company makes it sure to introduce all latest and upgraded security systems to you, Flap barriers are one of them, this security system is actively being used in order to manage road traffic along with great security. As the name indicates, retractable flaps are used to provide access or deny it. This system has managed to be beneficial in many aspects, even a disabled person can easily pass through this security system gate. They can easily be synced with sensors and if any unauthorized entry is found it can get restricted without much delay.

Tripod Turnstiles

There has been continuous increase in crime rate throughout the world which brings security and human safety into question. In order to keep public places out of danger security system like tripod turnstile can be utilized .Turnstile is a mechanical gate which is revolved by horizontally moving its arms which are fixed to a vertical post. With a ticket or ID card this gate only allows one person or vehicle to pass at one time.

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Our software supports multi Printer such as (NP, DP, TP). Printing costs are the lowest as compared to other printers.The maintenance cost is low as compared to other printers.Employees can now work continuously and avoid interruptions during their working hours since there is no need for them to change the ribbons or cartridges whenever the ink level becomes low. The prints can be produced in varied fonts and arbitrary graphics in the form of dots.

Door Access Control Integration

The traditional way of locking the doors has been constructive to us for many years but to deal with the threats of current date era that we are living in, we need advanced and efficient systems to secure our organizations. Administrations need to be very careful about door access control which is all about who, when and where can access the particular area. Previously the only access control system we had was keys and locks which were handed over to a person in control, these mechanical locks and keys did not limit the key holder to specific dates and time. RationalTabs comes up with a unique door locking system which enables organizations to determine who is allowed to enter or exit. This system provides proper records of the key used on a particular door; these keys cannot be copied or transferred to unauthorized person.

Entrance Boom Barrier Integration

RationalTabs provides one of the low cost ways to provide improvised security to your buildings by introducing boom barriers .They are well known for enabling owner with improved security ,privacy, monitor and control of the traffic incoming and outgoing. Boom barriers can be fruitful for car parks, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, apartment complexes and hotels. Boom gate with ticket system can also be used to make money.