ZeyMal ERP training program successfully held on Tuesday (14-11-2023) at Greenland Institute Of Paramedical & Nursing - Hawal. ZeyMal Mobile App training program was successfully held on Friday, 10th Nov 2023 at Arise International Academy - Safakadal ZeyMal Employee iOS App is available on App Store. ZeyMal ERP training program was successfully held on 3rd Nov 2023 at Arsh Institute of Health Science and Technology - Khonmoh ZeyMal ERP training program was successfully held on 2nd Nov 2023 at New Horizon Educational Institute - Ganderbal. ZeyMal ERP training program was successfully held on 2nd Nov 2023 at Qamaria Higher Secondary Institute - Saloora, Ganderbal Training on ZeyMal Mobile App was successfully held at Florence Institute of Paramedical Sciences (Anantnag) on 25th October 2023. ZeyMal ERP training program was successfully held on Tuesday (24-10-2023) at Institute Of Systematic Studies - Sopore. Training on ZeyMal ERP was successfully held at Kashmir Tibbia College Hospital & Research Center - Sumbal on 29th September 2023. ZeyMal Mobile App Training Program concluded on 8th July.

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Streamline Education with ZeyMal ERP: A User-Friendly Marvel


Are you seeking a seamless way to manage your educational institution? Look no further! ZeyMal ERP, a brainchild of RationalTabs Technologies Private Limited, is the answer to your prayers.

User-Friendly, Customizable:

With ZeyMal ERP, complexity becomes a thing of the past. Its user-friendly interface requires no prior knowledge, while its full customization allows you to tailor the software to your liking.

Comprehensive Reports and Customizable Access Control:

Generate detailed reports with ease, and enjoy the flexibility to adapt ZeyMal ERP to your institution's specific needs. Assign different access levels based on roles, ensuring smooth operations across all departments.

Enhanced Communication and Keen Supervision:

Forge stronger connections with parents and staff through ZeyMal ERP's effective communication channel. Plus, keep a vigilant eye on day-to-day activities with real-time tracking.

Time and Cost-Efficient Solution:

Experience the ultimate time-saver! ZeyMal ERP empowers teachers and administrators, allowing them to focus on what truly matters - all without breaking the bank.

Revolutionize your educational management with ZeyMal ERP. Unlock the power of efficiency, transparency, and success. Take charge today and embrace a brighter future!

(Note: This concise blog highlights the key features of ZeyMal ERP. For more information, reach out to RationalTabs Technologies Private Limited for a personalized demonstration.)