ZeyMal Mobile App training program successfully held on April 20, 2024 (Saturday) at Aspire World School - Humhama. Training on ZeyMal Mobile App was successfully held on April 19, 2024 (Friday) at Delhi Modern Public School - pampore. Training on ZeyMal ERP was successfully held at Birla Open Minds School - Srinagar on April 15, 2024 (MONDAY). ZeyMal Mobile App training program successfully held on March 26, 2024 at SET Paramedical And Nursing Institute - Anantnag. ZeyMal Mobile App training program successfully held on March 23, 2024 at Monarch Secondary School - Handwara. A specialized training program covering ZeyMal ERP Modules, Mobile App, and NEP Enabled Examination was successfully conducted on February 24, 2024, at our office situated at Rangreth, STPI. A Comprehensive Two-Day Training on NEP Enabled Examination within ZeyMal ERP successfully held on 13th & 14th February 2024 at our office located at STPI Srinagar. ZeyMal ERP Training Program Successfully Held On January 23, 2024 at Rajiv Gandhi College of Nursing, Jammu. ZeyMal Employee iOS App is available on App Store. ZeyMal Mobile App Training Program concluded on 8th July.

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RFID Gate Based Solution for Attendance Tracking


For almost four years, RationalTabs Technologies has been offering solutions to schools and colleges across the state. Both our hardware and ERP system (ZeyMal – An Educational ERP) are fully tailored to match each client's specifications and budget, following a thorough examination of their demands. Our product line comprises a wide range of RFID and biometrics, as well as surveillance systems, allowing schools and other educational institutions to be completely automated. From product pre-installation through comprehensive execution, we provide best-in-class services. From nurseries and playschools to colleges and university campuses, our RFID Gate-based Attendance Solution is ideal for all types of educational organizations.

The Gate-based machine is respectable, with all of the expected functions. This system has an unlimited user capacity, although we propose one Gate for every 600 to 900 pupils for optimal performance. Each Smart Gate comes with two pillars, making this an all-in-one machine. A gap of 2.5 to 5 feet must be maintained between two pillars. Children are given RFID-based I-cards to wear around their necks. As the child walks between the machines, the card is scanned by an intelligent reader located in a walk-through gate, attendance is recorded with the exact location and time, and an SMS is sent to the registered mobile number at the same time. When the student passes through the Smart Gate, During entry/exit to the school, parents receive an instant SMS notification via integrated automatic SMS on their mobile phones. A real-time automatic SMS is then sent to the student's parents, informing them that they have arrived on or left the school grounds.

During this procedure, the system gathers attendance data on a local server in the school and, if necessary, pushes it to an internet server. This allows school officials to keep track of and preserve attendance data in real-time. However, because this is a Local Server Integrated solution, there is no need for internet at the school. The device is extremely simple to use and does not necessitate any type of specialist training. The solution's procedure was developed after extensive investigation.

The school officials can view the students' Real-Time Attendance and provide a complete student attendance tracking solution; the machine's sleek design further promotes the school's brand. To use the system, the user does not need much technical knowledge. The system creates daily, weekly, and monthly attendance reports automatically, allowing schools and institutes to keep track of each student's attendance. This allows for a clear identification of any issues, which can then be dealt with and resolved quickly. There is also a daily absentee report that can be tracked, and the ERP Solution can send out quick SMS to absentees. The Gate-based Solution has been found to improve student attendance while also reducing the time and expenses associated with manually monitoring and recording attendance data. The solution has the potential to improve student attendance. The administrative workload is reduced because reports may be pulled with a single click.