ZeyMal ERP training program will be held on Friday (15-09-2023) at Dubai Grand International School. ZeyMal Mobile App Training will be held at Dubai Grand International School for all its staff members on September 8, 2023 (Friday). ZeyMal ERP training program will be held on Friday (04-08-2023) at Arise International Academy - Safakadal & Arise International Academy - Mujgund

Biometric Fingerprint Integration

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Biometric Fingerprint Integration

Biometric Fingerprint Integration is an attendance machine that helps in the automation of attendance of the Students and Employees and can help in tracking the in and out time of Students and Employees total work duration, lunch breaks. Biometric School Attendance Software relies on Biometrics- to track the attendance of everyone from Teachers to Staff to Students. This Unique Integration helps Management in keeping track of the daily functioning of the School easily and cost effectively. This Unique Module includes the following:

  • Reduce paper attendance management
  • Better security to manage attendance data
  • No Fraudulent Attendance
  • Reduction in Payroll Errors
  • You can't guess a fingerprint like
  • you can guess a password