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All Modules

Module #1

Courses and Batches:

Configure & manage multiple courses and batches according to your institutions system and process.

  • Manage Batch
  • Batch Transfer
  • View Batches
  • Batch History
Module #2


Manage your entire transportation operation to ensure safe and efficient transport of students.

  • Routes
  • Vehicles
  • Transport Assigning
  • Fee Collections
Module #3

Fee Management:

Assign & manage secure, comprehensive & robust student fee collections, simple instant fee payments.

  • Create Fee
  • Schedule Fee
  • Collect Fee
  • Refund/Revert
  • Fee Imports
  • Fee Defaulters
  • Miscellaneous Fee
Module #4

Employee Automation:

Record & organize all employee details enabling quick access to employees information and management.

  • Personal Details
  • Parent Details
  • Contact Details
  • Bank Details
  • Qualification
  • Documents
Module #5

Student Admission:

Efficiently manage the complete student admission process using customized and easy admission forms.

  • Personal Details
  • Guardian Details
  • Contact Details
  • Previous School Details
  • Documents
  • Course & Batch
Module #6


Stores and manages information of the student.

  • Profile Details
  • Batch Details
  • Fee Details
  • Attendence
  • Transport Details
  • Examination Details
  • Result Reports
  • Time Table
  • SMS Details
  • Email Details
  • Student Assignments
Module #7


Allows us to manage attendance of students based on batches under courses/classes.

  • Attendence Register
  • Attendence View
  • Biometric Based
Module #8


Payroll of employees for better management of salaries. Basic Pay, Provident Fund etc are covered.

  • Create Payroll
  • Assign Pay Scall
  • Generate Payslips
  • Revert Payslip
  • Approve/Reject Payslips
Module #9


Contains all the options from grading system to result publication or a school/institution.

  • Create Exam
  • Schedule Exam
  • Publish Exam
  • Connect Exams
  • Grading & Rankings
  • Seat Allotment
  • Examiner Allotment
  • Roll No. Slip Allotment
Module #10

User Management:

Roles to allow permissions based access to modules of software can be created, edited, deleted or viewed.

  • Role
  • Role Permissions
  • Assign Role to Users
  • User Tracking
Module #11


Marks of a student can be modified even after result publication for marks change after rechecking, etc.

  • Marks Allocation
  • Publishing Results
  • Grading Level Reports
  • Ranking Level Reports
  • Recheck/Revaluation
  • Marks Card Generation
Module #12

Time Table:

Complete set of controls and features available for management of time table for a school or college.

  • Create Timings
  • Weekdays & Timings
  • Manage Timetable
  • Employee Subject Allocation
  • Work Allotment
  • Room Allotment
Module #13


Enables us to push SMS to students, employees etc. SMS broadcasting to all can be performed.

  • SMS Configurtaion
  • Module Based Access
  • SMS Report
  • Broadcast
  • SMS Log Status
  • SMS to Students
  • SMS to Employee
  • SMS to Department
  • Module Based Access
Module #14


Enables us to push Email to students, employees, etc. Email broadcasting to all users can be performed.

  • Email Configurtaion
  • Module Based Access
  • Email Report
  • Broadcast
  • Email Log Status
  • Email to Students
  • Email to Employee
  • Email to Department
  • Module Based Access
Module #15


Batch wise details regarding students, subjects etc can be viewed and generated as reports.

Module #16


Enables us to to view and generate graphs related to students.

Module #17

User Tracker:

Enables us to view and track the activities of users accessing the software.

Module #18

Letter Creation:

Creation of letters provided with already created letter heads.

  • Create Letter
  • Scan Document
  • Print Document
Module #19

General Settings:

Provides information about general settings like student info, user info, etc.

Module #20

Subject Management:

To manage the compulsory and elective subjects for students, batch wise.

  • Normal Subjects
  • Subject Group
  • Elective Subjects
  • Subject Allocations
Module #21


Functions related databases like backup to help us recover from any data loss etc.

  • Local Backup
  • Online Backup
  • Backup Scheduler
  • Backup logger
Module #22

Grading System:

Enables to provide different grading systems like CBSE, NCERT for different batches.

  • Normal
  • GPA
  • CWA
  • CCE
  • ICSE
Module #23

Clonable Services:

Enables to be update the information displaying on one screen as soon as it is edited on other screen.

Module #24

Themes / Dashboard:

An admin can choose the theme from available themes in the settings along with software lock screen saver.

  • Desktop Themes
  • Screen Saver
Module #25

Notification Services:

Generates notifications when modification are made like new admission etc.

Module #26

Dynamic Reports:

Enables users to generate and print the custom reports having customized info.

Module #27

Card Synchronization:

Card synchronization options to remain updated with the main Card modules.

Module #28

Online Web Portal for Student info:

Online portal to provide users remote usage access to personal data.

Module #29

Intra Communication Chat

Enables the users connected within a network, to communicate with each other.

Module #30

USB Based Locking Access

Enable institutions to lock software access within an institution based on USB card with the users.

Module #31

Card Based Locking Access

Enable institutions to lock software access within an institution based on USB card with the users.

Module #32

Instant Fee

Enable institutions to handle any sort of instant fees that has to be paid by students.

  • Category
  • Particular
  • Pay
Module #33

Miscellaneous Fee

Enable institutions to handle the admission and other related fees quickly.

Module #34

Roll No. Allotment

Enable institutions to allot rollnos automatically or manually based on batches.

  • Automatic Allotment
  • Custom Allotment
  • Allot Roll No.
Module #35

Student Health Card

A USB Card that Enables students to have instant access to their important medical history and prescription drugs.

  • Doctor
  • Patient
  • Manage Data
  • Notifications
  • Health Screen
Module #36

Library Management:

Stores and Manages information related books and users.

  • Profile Details
  • Search Books
  • Return Books
  • Issue Books
  • Manage Barcode/QR code
  • Library Fines
Module #37

Block Management:

It manages buildings, floors, rooms of an institution.

  • Manage Building
  • Manage Floors
  • Manage Rooms
  • Manage Seats
Module #38

Finance Management:

Manages income and expenses on daily bases.

  • Transactions
  • Income Account
  • Expense Account
  • Daybook/Ledger
Module #39

Role Based Access:

Secure personalized login for different roles, allowing them to perform their tasks efficiently and securely.

Module #40

RF(Radio Frequency) ID Technology:

Integration of RF(Radio Frequency) ID technology for use in library management, student attendence etc

Module #41

Barcode Integration:

Barcode Integration for student attendence, and can be integrated in library also.

  • Used For Library
  • Used For Letters
Module #42

Biometric Integration:

Biometric Integration for attendence and software login.

  • To Access the Software
  • To Access Library
  • Used for Attendence
Module #43

Face Recognition:

Face Recognition for attendance.

  • To Access Sotware
  • For Attendence
Module #44

GPS Tracking:

GPS Tracking for tracking vehicles etc.

  • Track Vehicle
  • Breakdown of Vehicle
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Anti-Theft
  • Speed Tracker
Module #45

Android App:

Android App for accessing student information.

  • Profile Details
  • Batch Details
  • Fee Details
  • Attendence
  • Transport Details
  • Examination Details
  • Result Reports
  • Time Table
  • SMS Details
  • Email Details
  • Student Assignments
Module #46

Document Center:

A Centralized System for storing all the documents of students as well as employees

  • Centralized System
  • Storing Documents
Module #47

Student Hub:

A quick and easy way to search and access all your student records, both current and archived using various filters.

  • Profile Details
  • Batch Details
  • Fee Details
  • Attendence
  • Transport Details
  • Examination Details
  • Result Reports
  • Time Table
  • SMS Details
  • Email Details
  • Student Assignments
Module #48

Asset and Liability Management:

Manages assets and liabilities of an institution

Module #49

Donation Management:

Manages all queries related to donation

Module #50

Visitor Management:

Manages visitor entry for visitors.

  • Photograph
  • Visitor Details
  • Barcode
Module #51

Gate Pass Management:

Manages gate pass entries for students and faculty. Tokens will be generated when used with RFID Card.

  • Photograph
  • Barcode