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RationalTabs Technologies have a proven track record in reliable mission critical software systems that provide a competitive advantage to clients. RationalTabs have continuously shown that they are ready and able to meet the challenges faced in today's technical world.

Delivering a competitive advantage to clients has been a pillar of success since RationalTabs began developing systems. We have always been dedicated to increasing the profits of the great organizations we partner with. We do this by providing them with the powerful technological tools that allow them to compete and succeed at a higher level than their competitors. We build world class software systems that create efficiencies in their work processes and allow them to trade with their partners efficiently and effectively. Our systems also provide our clients with the information to make informed mission critical decisions in Real-Time.

ZEYMAL is a Windows Aplplication based on distrubuted archtecture ,fully customisable Educational Management System ideal for schools/Colleges of all sizes. Schools/Colleges/Institutes choose ZEYMAL because it assists them in efficiently managing all back office processes in one integrated system. ZEYMAL provides access to appropriate information and functions to all aspects of your school/College/Institutes including academic, administrators, staff and parents.

It provides a user-friendly, technologically advanced solution to integrating the school/college processes of financial management, enrolments, enquiries, student management, student behaviour,timetabling and academic reporting. Over the times Schools, Colleges & Institutes have designed and evolved their own systems. New administrators, fresh thinking, innovative idea and latest requirements have always led to modifications in a continuous cycle of change, that leads different institutions to have different systems and processes, even those in the same region and quarter. ZEYMAL an Educational ERP recognizes this and allows for it to match your unique systems and processes.


A RationalTabs Technologies Product That Reduces Cost and Optimises operations,
is the right School/ College/Institute Management ERP which you are looking for.