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Windows Application Based on Distributed Architecture

Comprehensive Reporting and Graphical Solutions

Multiprinter Supportive Reports

Built-in SMS and Biometric Integrated Systems

Better Organization of Data

Account Management

Card Driven Accessibility to Software

Educard: A Digital Student Information Repository

Cross Platform Deployment

Authenticated and Customizable Role Dependent Access to Data

Highly Streamlined and Effective Workflow of Administration and Academia

Ensures Greater Efficiency

Manual Effort is Reduced and Speedy and Accurate Reports are Generated

Developed Using Optimized Designing and Coding to maintain Proper Speed

Proper and Systematic Training to Clients

Health Card

Java Card

Multi Grading System(NCERT, CBSE, ICSC, CCE)

Email Distribution

Intercommunication System

Online Or Cloud Document Syncronization

User-friendly Interfaces and Easy to Access Navigation

Letter Management

Touch Based Supportive Designs

Clonable Services and Notification Center

Auto Update Plugins

Unlimited Number of Users

Built-in Database Backup Facility for Safety and Reliability

Integration of RF(Radio Frequency) ID technology for use in library management, student attendence etc.

Currency Conversion of various countries.

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